Our ambition to have a permanent Museum of Motion-Picture Technology is based on the belief that the general public (the viewing audience) has a fascination with the programs presented on either television or cinema screens, and with the characters portrayed; and of course with the actors and personalities behind those roles. Most viewers are unaware of the technical requirements that brought those programmes to their screens. This interest in the on-screen presentation may be used to encourage interest in the production technologies and methods of earlier times. Ideally the details and difficulties of production should not be visible to the audience, otherwise the illusions of the ‘dream factory’ would be revealed as either contrived or fake. We aim to be able to take the public ‘behind the scenes’ to show how their entertainment was once produced.

Eventually these ambitions expanded beyond just the film-based motion-picture industries, to include related media industries. It was realised that the technologies behind television, radio, film, and sound-recording all evolved in parallel, and the advances in any of these fields influenced the methods and content produced in others. And so the Media Museum concept emerged as a more ambitious project, to tell the stories of the technological developments in this broad sector of related but distinct media industries.

In showing the many different aspects and developments in these technologies, we hope to be able to tell the stories of the pioneers who shaped our nation’s social culture through the use of moving images, to inform and entertain our society over several generations. There are chances to recognise the many un-heralded Australian innovators and their developments that have changed the face of the international motion-picture and television industries. This evolution has set the scene for our highly-acclaimed, contemporary media craftspeople to find acceptance of their expertise and work on the international stage. The public needs the opportunity to appreciate the achievements of the talented personnel of the Australian moving-picture industries. Their stories must be told, and their equipment must be preserved.


Help preserve, restore, and display the equipment, photographs, records and other memorabilia associated with the early developments of our moving-image industries.

Join AMMPT Southern Region Inc. and become involved in promoting these achievements to the wider public. Help us encourage appreciation and pride in what has been and continues to be accomplished by Australia’s moving picture industries.