By establishing a real museum, displaying real items from the earlier times of our motion picture industries, we aim to create wider community recognition of Australia’s contribution to the screen-based entertainment and information industries. Since the very beginnings of the motion picture industry, Australia has made major contributions to the evolution of the technologies involved – and of course to their usage. Methods, techniques and equipment were always evolving, changing and improving; and Australian industries were often involved in these advances.

Our long-term goal is to establish permanent displays of our screen-based industries’ heritage in both Victoria and Tasmania. It is important that the public has the chance to appreciate the technical side of the industries which provided the on-screen content that entertained our nation.

Our intention is to establish solid working relationships with private collectors, with other AMMPT branches, and with the broader museum and archive sectors; to enhance our own activities, and be able to collaborate with other organisations. We hope to be able to mount a variety of displays over time, by extending the available exhibits beyond our own collection. It is expected that this will enable both ourselves and other agencies and individuals to combine their knowledge and collections in interesting ways.

Help preserve, restore, and display the equipment, photographs, records and other memorabilia associated with the early developments of our moving-image industries.

Join AMMPT Southern Region Inc. and become involved in promoting these achievements to the wider public. Help us encourage appreciation and pride in what has been and continues to be accomplished by Australia’s moving picture industries.