Our membership includes volunteers retired from or still working in the production or exhibition sectors of the motion-picture, television and related industries. Film historians, collectors and enthusiasts are also welcome. A newsletter has been infrequent, but a new edition is being prepared.

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For further details of membership, please click below to download our Membership Form, and return it to the address shown with your payment.

as of Jan 1st 2012
Members of Regional branches are automatically included on the national association register but have no voting rights on that body with the exception of members who have been elected or seconded to regional branch committees. Associate and Associate Group members do not have voting rights on either entity.

(a) Member: An individual person who has previously been employed or professionally engaged in the Australian moving image or related media industries or has demonstrated his or her commitment to the
preservation of its heritage.
$ 25.00

(b) Corporate Member *: Any commercial or government entity.
$ 250.00

(c) Student Member.
A person who is currently enrolled on a bona fide media related course at a recognised training or educational institution.

(d) Associate Member*: A person who is a member of a kindred association or society or has not previously been employed in the Australian moving image industry.

(e) Associate Group Member *: Any kindred incorporated entity, Association or Society.

* Associate Members and Associate Group Members have no voting rights.

(f) Honorary Member. A person who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the objects of the Association, and has been invited to Membership by the National Committee of AMMPT ( Inc.).


*Corporate and Associate Group Members must formally nominate a person to represent them on their behalf.

Before making this application, you may inspect the Rules of the Association (Constitution) As a Member, you will be required to comply with those Rules and the Association’s Bylaws. In particular
they discourage membership being used for commercial or personal financial gain but not prevent the interchange of information and objects between Members for the purpose of enhancing their own knowledge
and collections, but not to the detriment of the Association’s acquisition programme.

If your application is accepted, your name and address will be recorded in a register of members and you are entitled to make a copy of the Rules and Bylaws of the Association for your records. A membership card will
be issued which is designed to be worn at AMMPT events as a means of identifying with other members.

Join AMMPT Southern Region Inc. and become involved in promoting these achievements to the wider public. Help us encourage appreciation and pride in what has been and continues to be accomplished by Australia’s moving picture industries.
Help preserve, restore, and display the equipment, photographs, records and other memorabilia associated with the early developments of our moving-image industries.